Running, thoughts about blogging and pictures with new, reasonably-priced phone

First, running is going better, finally! ūüôā The problem was this huge pain and cramp that I got during running, and the solution was so simple. Let me fill you in: in past, when I tried to run, my calf went in huge cramp! It effect so, that in next day it was hard to even walk.

So, I went to sports Massage Therapist, that works here near and I was totally ready for judgement: You shall not run, never. But actually…there was one so simple problem: my left calf was so much weaker that other!

By starting to work out my calf it has become stronger and you know what? Yesterday did some cross-country running, and that was my 3rd time in this week…without cramp and without pain.

After running- mood

I really, truly believe in that, that by working with yourself you can make a difference with your well being. And with more age is coming, more important that comes. Let¬īs talk about that later ūüôā First I want to make some things clear.

Thoughts about blogging

I have been thinking this blog- life. I was ready to quit, for good. That¬īs why I havent been too active with my blog. Why? Because…for me this hobby, passion, and love for writing, and that world has changed. Blogging has become work for pros and competition about readers is tough.

(For my eyes, sometimes not too pretty, either. )

I know, you may ask: why I let it effect me and why I dont just do my thing? I admit, that was my problem: I tried to hang in there and wanted to be seen. And made it too serious and hard for myself.

In Finland, there are handful of pro- blogs that rules and then like me, those who just write for fun.

And to be really honest…one want¬īs to be on top, but I have lost that passion, to..well.. take so pretty pics about things, items and cosmetics and write about those. I think that those subjects are those that sells, and me? I just want to take pics about nature (and clothes..sometimes. ūüôā

I am still loving cosmetics and so on, just lost passion about writing about those.

A bit jealous for those awesome blogs, I admit. Who wouldnt want to be on top?

But I also have this huge moral issue. Yep…one can have that with her own blog, too ūüėÄ But let me explain. Like I said, I love cosmetics. I have it at home and I use it, sometimes. I get huge pleasure from doing make up with good products. (I¬īm a make up artist, since 1987, so I have to love it, cause I made it my profession)

Now…as I wrote, with good products. I trust in 3: Urban Decay, Jeffree Stars and I absolutely love my KKW- palette. (Kim Kardashian West with Mario Bundle)

I have bought a lot of Essence and so on..just to try. Cute, yes…works for me? No. So…I cant write about new waves in those, cause for me…not working. For someone yes, Oh my! Someone makes those work, but I really cant say: try this, if I don¬īt use it myself. There goes my career as a beautyblogger!

PS. Just bought that Jeffree Stars Jawbreaker, and it¬īs awesome! <3 Also, from H&M one glitter palette and 2 eyeliners…I was surprised, that those were pretty awesome. Hit a comment, if you want to know more!

Blogging about wellness

Again, I truly know something. I mean, I have been training with so pro trainer last 5 years. My goal is in SM weightlifting one day. And of course, I want some medal. So I have to know something.

But here comes my moral again! I believe, that if one writes about these kind of things..there has to be so much more of knowledge that one can write about health and give advice. I mean… what fits one, dosent work with someone else, and there could be damages, too.

There¬īs a huge responsibility in blogs, in writing. Again in my opinion.

Behind that link, you will see what I mean by pro: http://www.protrainer.fi/blogi/ Just read a bit and you will see. He¬īs my coach, too and from him I have learned something. But in a big picture… I am such a novice.

I only can write, what I have learned and works for me. Generally maybe something but precise? No. Yep, there went my career in wellness ūüėÄ

My way of think these things could be in my way to the top, but in this way I also release myself to write more… well… freely. I just wanted you to know, why I have issues about those things. Issues about write about those so much.

So, I¬īm going back in time and gonna write more like diary- type things. Cause even if I write a blog, that dosent make me expert. I know something here and there, but in my mind…not enough to call myself a pro.

But making my way to the top like this? Well…. I think that I just write and we¬īll see, where that leads. ūüôā

Then some pictures with my new phone

I manage to broke my Honor 10. Argh, I loved that phone! Then it came to that, that I needed ti buy a new, and one that is important is camera. (Who needs that phone- part :D, in a phone)

So…New Honor? Or latest Huawei? I started to think. I have had so much different phones, latest, expensive and also cheaper. I¬īm some sort of phone freak, I admit.

I took my changes wit Samsung galaxy A50 and wow! Price was 299‚ā¨ and that camera…<3 I just tried it in these pictures, but I¬īm definitely loving it already. There¬īs so much one can do with this, and I have to say… in that price…. pure love!

Our Veijo and me playing with camera.
Yep, window in car is kind of dirty.. ūüėÄ
Front camera

More info: https://elisa.fi/kauppa/tuote/Samsung-Galaxy-A50?paymentOption=1&deviceVariant=Galaxy%20A50%20Koralli

So, have a great Sunday and see you soon!


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