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Lookfantastic beautybox December 2018

*There is a link in the end, that is referral. For you it means discount and for me, I may earn few euros. Those I will use for pet food. Oh my….


Wow, I really, really have been waiting for this: lookfantastic beautybox and in X-mas time! There was a sneak peak in last box, so I knew that there´s gonna be something special. I was right!

I have told, and I will say it again: I love those boxes. I mean that box itself! When I receive it, it makes me feel a bit more special. All that effort to think it through and really think about customer.. yes!

So, because it´s Christmas time and all, the box was beautifully red with gold.

Looking cool, right? 🙂 For me, this is my moment of a small beauty break. My time, when I open it with  cup of coffee. I just love to grope these products inside. 

What was inside this time?

Looks interesting, or what? 😉
First, I do apologize about poor pictures. I really wanted to take better but…oh well, life happen. Or to be more precisely, animals. Our dogs and cats. All 8 animals. Really waiting for that X- mas tree! 😀 There will be chaos….

But in to those products!

1) My very first something from Karl Lagerfeld!!! I know the name, fame and have seen his clothes etc..but in my budget? NO way…till now. Karl Lakerfeld+modelco brow pencil. I have to say, I was so happy about this! I have been looking something good pencil, that is natural, stays, is tough enough and easy to use. Well…. this is. I admit, that by myself, I would not have bought it, cause I didnt knew, that it even exists! So, if one is looking for a good pen…there you have it! This was dark brow, more a bit gray and it stayed all day. 
2) Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer. Totally new for me! Behind that link is more pics and info, it is very interesting product! Like gel…and yet, so perfect to use. This one is definitely going to my buy- list. Made my skin look so good! Also, foundation was looking good and stayed all day. 
3) this works Pillow spray I have heard about these before, but not used. And I have to admit… first it smelled so strongly, that I thought that I´m gonna have some attack at nighttime.. but no. Small mount of that spray actually calmed me down! I use tea in every evening, that has same ingredients: Lavender, Vetiver and Wild Camomile oil so it should not been a big surprise, but it was.. this works, really! 

Then some more!

For scalp and eye area.
First in pic, in leftgrow gorgeous scalp detox. Not usually thing, that I would buy, cause I there´s not too much to worry about there, in my scalp, I mean. But yes, nice to try, cause the air is more dry now and we have our warming in home more in woods, so that dries this air even more. I havent tried it yet, but what I read, sounds interesting. 

Second pic, in right: Dr.Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Brightening Eye Serum. Ok, I actually am waiting for time to try this! I have 3..wow…eye are products in test now, so I just have to use those before. But I´m into superfood for skin! Yes! 

Superfoods are brill for you health – but did you know they’re also great for your skin? This blend of pomegranate extract and raspberry seed oil nourishes and protects the delicate eye area, for smooth and brightened eyes.

Oh, so many products, so little time…

Also, there was one beauty sponge, in top of this pic, right. Havent tried it yet, but looks cute! Pink… is pretty!


I have been written so long about these boxes, and really happy with those so I can do this with with good conscience: My referral is behind this klik. I thought this a long time, cause I´m not too in to these things, ads I mean, but I do love this box. Every month.

I have this 12 months deal, it´s 15.50€/month and I dont have to pay it straight. I mean the whole price in year, witch is 186€/year. I pay 15.50 and with that I get once a month this box.

So, what did you think about Decembers box? 
With love,

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