Life is like waves: it moves and shapes us

I´m more than happy to be able to change my things. In blog, life and in everything..if I want it. That´s a horse..well…if someone says to you: you need to be ready, when you are getting closer to 50.

No..no no no!!! That´s staying foot. The keyword is: progress!

By that I mean staying curious, bold, trying things, having courage to change. Mostly life is like you make it, and also, how one react to troubles.

I have had my “bad moments”, like we all. And I reacted badly, too! Almost gave up, almost broke myself…treated myself so rough.. And I was wrong.

But then I realized, that I really could do things other way! I really can! If I talk about blogging, for example, I did some poor decisions. I wanted too much to be something else, and also..took a course how to blog.

There´s nothing wrong in that course, no! But for me.. for my way of looking things…way too shallow, way too similar and also way too commercial.

I think, that I have had enough about selling things. That goes for reading, too…so why on earth I wanted to write like that, in my blog? That was wrong, towards you and also myself.

I just want to write, without rules. I just love to write…that´s all. Also…I do love to take pics.

I don´t really care, with what someone takes his/hers pics, I love that, when someone finds a soul of something for that pic…

The future is wide open

That´s so true. Till I stop breathing, everything is possible. What I choose to do and how hard do I work, is up to me.

I can change my course and think outside of the box. I admit, I fell in that trap.. about being in this age and dreaming about something “silly”.

There is no age- limits. There is no limits, unless you make those. One breaths, so one is alive. That´s a great start!

So, if you breath, then you are alive. If you are alive, there´s no limits.


Exercise is a huge part of my life. Not because I have to, it´s because I´m worth it.

I have lost weight, then gained a bit, and now I want to loose that extra again. If one falls, that dosent meant that one has to give up. What one does next, is important. Give up or continue fight.

No shame there! Falling.. life happens sometimes. Shit happens, sometimes. Stand up and go on.

So, this was a post, where I started to change a course of my blog. I want it to be easier to approach, no pressure to buy things and maybe…just maybe…give something to you. Strength, tools, smile…something.

I will build up a bit more this site, but writing will stay like this. From my heart and from me to you.

Have a great day and see you soon again!


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