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I really don´t get Moomings and how to survive from tough mornings?

I have to confess… I really, really don´t get the hype of Moomings! I´m sorry, but… I do get that those are cute, nice and friendly creatures, yes. But for example… the price of those mugs JUST because those are moomings? I don´t get THAT.

Yes, those mugs are also cut, and perhaps good quality, but, in my mind, for drinking tea or coffee…

Why I´m wondering this? Cause, we were doing some family visiting, and the coffee was served from mooming- mugs. I was so scared to handle it, I actually continually was afraid, that I break it. If you have seen Not too relaxing coffee moment… 🙂

Have you seen “Keeping up appearances” and that moment, when Elizabeth is getting some tea?

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes keeping up appearances elizabeth
Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes keeping up appearances elizabeth

Yep, that was me. I was Elizabeth. It´s a mug. Expensive mug. Why, I don´t know. Brand? So… if it brand- thing, then… it´s more like one can sell everything with huge price, cause of brand? And then…is it more like… robbery with these cute things, that are created first to children?

They should be enjoying in their moomings without those prices…For me that sounds like…well. like I said that i just don´t get it. Maybe that´s just me!

I mean… who are the one, that are waiting in line, when new mug is coming? Not those kids. And can they even use it, cause it´s so expensive? I mean.. to drink milk or so? Who drinks from those..really? In my Instagram I have seen: mothers and coffee 😀

Ok, forgive me my ignorance, I have things at home that most don´t get. But at the same time, I have my right to wonder! 🙂 Am I a bad person now… oh my. That is sensitive subject… mooming, I mean.

And hey, BTW, if you watching moomings from tv or so, way to go! I watch Donlad Duck and Lucky Luke.

And no, one does not have to watch something to buy that brand… no. I just bought Batman- underwear and not watching it ;D It was just, those were cute and 3 at price 9.99€ Also nice to wear!

This is me just wondering about price and that hype.

Go moomings, you are great!

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How to survive from tough mornings?

Good question. There are some great advised in internet:

  • wash your face with cold water
  • or with hot water
  • or both
  • stretch
  • green tea
  • vitamins
  • lot´of coffee (I use that)

And so much more.

But what if those don´t help? Like if one is not morning- person (me), slept so poorly, dosen´t have clothes ready and almost late? What then? And for sure, in that kind of mornings…eye bags will be huge. I mean, huge!

My solution is: take something from your wardrobe and go on. Since when has high fashion made any sense?

Talk short sentence. I have noticed, that the the content of the sentence could sound funny, when one is tires. More longer it is, more funny it could get.

Eye backs. First of all…what´s wrong with those? Yes, may say: I´m tired…but for real, is it so serious, after all. Once there was even a trend to paint those…

It´s all about how one carries her/himself. It´s about you. You, as a person. That dosent change with or without those bags.

And yes, there are professions that needs that finished look. I´m sorry…don´t know, what to say..big classes? Fake or real? And red lipstick to take attention away…Be brave!

And here´s some small pics with Samsung A50..I do love that phone& camera!


Have a great day!


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